Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brighton Girls Camp

We had the special opportunity to sing for the incredible young women and their leaders at Brighton Girls Camp this past week (Aug 5, 2010). It was a unique experience that we felt so blessed to be a part of. We met girls and leaders from all over the valley and we were encouraged and lifted up by their strength and spirits. The theme of the camp this year was "Perfect Love." We learned a lot about our Savior and His perfect love for us. We were so grateful to be part of their special evening. (We missed Burgs, who was away on a last minute business trip to New York City. With a dream job comes dream responsibilities, lucky girl... :) )

We sure love our moms and would not be here if it weren't for them. They're the best fans support group we could ever ask for! Thanks for helping us get here! We love you! (Funny enough, both of them came to this camp when they were young women! They were loving Memory Lane!)

We met Samantha, an awesome girl who heard us sing at a Bronco Mendenhall fireside this past spring in Salt Lake. We've been emailing back and forth about some songs she's writing. Way to go, Samantha! Keep it up and go for your dreams!

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