Thursday, August 12, 2010

Salt Lake Stake Girls Camp at East Canyon

We got to meet the fabulous Salt Lake Stake young women at their girls camp on July 28th, 2010. We loved their theme, "Where will I go from here?" and had the incredible opportunity to hear Sister Child, matron of the Salt Lake Temple, speak to the young women about making it to the temple.

We loved meeting all the girls and hearing their stories of overcoming trials and deciding to follow the Lord. They are amazing, hilarious, beautiful young women and we loved getting to know them! Thanks Melanie for letting us come on such short notice!

We were able to perform at the same venue in East Canyon two years ago, and we fell in love with this billboard when we first saw it, so we had recreate the picture from 2008. It was dark and raining, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity (although our jumping pictures didn't work out).

Simple Grace.
Keeping it pure.
2010 and 2008.

Brighton Girls Camp

We had the special opportunity to sing for the incredible young women and their leaders at Brighton Girls Camp this past week (Aug 5, 2010). It was a unique experience that we felt so blessed to be a part of. We met girls and leaders from all over the valley and we were encouraged and lifted up by their strength and spirits. The theme of the camp this year was "Perfect Love." We learned a lot about our Savior and His perfect love for us. We were so grateful to be part of their special evening. (We missed Burgs, who was away on a last minute business trip to New York City. With a dream job comes dream responsibilities, lucky girl... :) )

We sure love our moms and would not be here if it weren't for them. They're the best fans support group we could ever ask for! Thanks for helping us get here! We love you! (Funny enough, both of them came to this camp when they were young women! They were loving Memory Lane!)

We met Samantha, an awesome girl who heard us sing at a Bronco Mendenhall fireside this past spring in Salt Lake. We've been emailing back and forth about some songs she's writing. Way to go, Samantha! Keep it up and go for your dreams!

Cherry Hill's "Concert on the Hill" 2010

June 25, 2010

We love Cherry Hill!

We've been so fortunate to have the opportunity to sing for their summer concert series year after year. We love the fun, light hearted spirit there and it's always enjoyable to perform a few uplifting secular songs along with our more spiritual music. Huge thanks to Becca for putting up with our insane scheduling issues this year! We're so glad we were able to make it work out!

I just had to post this picture from last year's Cherry Hill concert and give our amazing hubbies a shout out. We are so supported by them and they do so much for us so we can do what we love. (We warned them upon marriage that they were marrying into a package deal. :) )
Thanks guys! We love you!

Moab Stake Girls Camp

Wow, what a FUN girls camp! We got to road trip it down to Blanding to attend the Moab Stake girls camp on June 24th. Unfortunately Burgundy couldn't be with us due to a family wedding, and although we missed her, we still had tons of fun. Road trips are always a party!

The theme of their girls camp was "S.O.S.-Sources of Strength" and everything was nautical-themed. It was a HOT day and everyone was running for shade, but it was still such a rewarding and spiritual experience to be with those awesome girls and their fantastic leaders.

Check out these adorable mail boxes! So creative!

Camp Lomia Laurel Retreat

Wow, time to play some serious catch up on blog posts! This summer has been crazy! And we've loved singing all through it. We kicked it off by heading up to Camp Lomia to the Logan Stake Laurel Retreat. We were able to attend their retreat two years ago and we were so excited to be invited back! Their laurels are amazing and we LOVE Logan! :) Their theme this year was "Let Him In." We weren't initially planning on singing "Open Doors," but we felt we had to throw that one in, and it worked out perfectly!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Last Friday, we had the opportunity to visit a small town just south of Logan called Paradise. And let us tell you it was just that--Paradise! We were asked to sing at a Stake Laurel Retreat to kick off their event for the weekend. What a great experience it was to share our music and testimonies with these girls and to learn from their examples.

Their theme was 'Believe in Me' and we couldn't have asked for a better set up to our program as the laurels shared some thoughts and a fun skit prior to our program.

The spirit was so strong and we could feel the faith of these girls as we performed and had the privilege of meeting with them. What a great group of Laurels!

So many different personalities and yet so much love for each and every girl. We are grateful for the chance we had to spend with them.

We have had the opportunity to visit Logan on several occasions for different firesides, camps and retreats and we continue to be amazed by the strength of the youth in the area. We are excited to visit again in June!

And, of course, these experiences wouldn't be the same without some of our biggest fans... and some of our biggest heroes... our moms!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple Grace Photoshoot

Here is a quick video of some of our pictures from our photoshoot! Unfortunately in this template some of the pictures are cut off. If you want to see the full pictures just click on the video and it will take you right to youtube where you can view the video widescreen!